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SwimZip features the best sun protective clothing from America. The name SwimZip was derived from our signature full zipper down the front of our rash guard sun shirts.  We want to make sun protection as easy and stylish as possible, and keep our customers safe from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays, when out at the beach, pool, or just in the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation ( states: “Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection.” Our UPF 50+ swimsuits, swimwear, bathing suits, rashguards, and sun hats provide this SPF coverage for skin.  Be advised that baby skin is particularly sensitive to sun and should be protected with the maximum UV protection. Our clothing uses the most comfortable materials to give our customers distinctive, fashionable, stylish looks.  Even when the summer sun is shining bright and the days are hot, SwimZips feel smooth and cool, and the flat seams help prevent rubbing and chafing. SwimZip brand clothing come in short and long sleeves and with a collar to also keep the summer sun and those nasty UV rays off and limit the amount of sunscreen and suntan lotion needed.  We also suggest people use sunscreen with SPF 30 protection or greater. SwimZip is the stylish go-to brand for sun protection clothing, sun hats, and swimwear.  Get the most coverage you need from UV rays with SwimZip!  Swimzip is the best and top rated: Sun protective swimwear: Sun protection swimwear, Uv protection swimwear, Toddler sun protection swimwear, Uv toddler swimwear, Girls rash guard swimwear, Little girl swimsuits, Little girls swimsuit, Little girls swimwear, Toddler uv swimsuit, Toddler swimwear for boys, Baby rash guard swimwear, Sun protection swimwear for women, Swimsuits for boys, Modest swimwear, Baby girl bathing suits, Newborn swimwear, baby bathing suits, bathing suits for babies, infant rash guard swimwear, sun shirt, unique bathing suits, cute swimsuits, kids swimsuit coverups, bathing suits for kids, pink swimsuit, cute bathing suits for kids, childrens bathing suits, kids bathing suits, girls rash guard shirt, iplay sunsuit, roxy swimwear, sun protection zone, swimwear shop, sun protective shirt, beach clothes for kids, Toddler wholesale swimsuits, Wholesale swimsuits, Wholesale swimwear
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Why Swimzip
SwimZip rocks!  Our swimwear combines the latest fashion trends with the greatest UV protection.  SwimZip is home to the stylish UV 50+ swimwear and rash guards for babies, toddlers, and children!  Parents love us because their kids get the sun protection they need in an adorable swimsuit they love and the full-length zipper makes it a breeze to zip on and off!  My own battle with skin cancer has SwimZip working diligently to ensure that SwimZip's products offer fantastic UV protection.  And I design my suits to be ultra comfortable so children actually want to put them on.  Some of childhood's best days are spent splashing around in the summer sun, and here at SwimZip we believe those days should be spent in style and with UV protection!  The effects of sun exposure during childhood last a lifetime, you owe it to your child to do all you can to help them avoid skin cancer later in life.  Get a SwimZip today and get stylish UV protection in a zip!
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