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Betsy’s Story:  Being diagnosed with skin cancer at just 26 years of age changed my life.  It was scary, awful, and traumatic.  (Kleenex made a small fortune wiping away my tears for a few weeks!)  After getting over the self-pity, I realized that I had actually been presented with was an opportunity to do something meaningful with my life.  I enjoyed working in the corporate world, but here was a chance to help others avoid my fate – and maybe even save lives.  With the conviction that comes from knowing without a doubt that you are doing something right, I dove headfirst into the world of UPF sun protective clothing … and thus SwimZip was born. SwimZip is the UPF 50+ clothing brand people trust to keep themselves and their children sun safe.  We feature our signature full zipper down the front of our rash guard shirts – they are soooo easy to put on and take off!  Our swimsuits, swimwear, bathing suits and accessories are made with the best materials to our unmatched standards.  SwimZip styles are one-of-a-kind, and we include a number of innovative design features.  Others have tried to copy our ideas, but our unparalleled devotion and innovation leads to the highest quality products that simply cannot be beat. As a skin cancer victim, I know the harsh reality of not getting enough sun protection.  As a Mom, I know I do not want my children suffering the same fate.  SwimZip is a lot more than just a sun protective clothing company …  SwimZip is a passion. Thank you for choosing SwimZip! Sincerely, Betsy Johnson It comes as no surprise that the inspiration for SwimZip was born on a sunny beach. My brother, Berry Wanless, and I were sitting around on the beach when he started to complain about the effort involved in putting-on and taking-off his children's swim shirts. Two months later SwimZip was making sun protection a zip! What is SwimZip: SwimZip is stylish UV 50+ swimwear for babies, toddlers, and children.   Our full-length zipper swimwear is uniquely designed allowing for easy-on, easy-off UV protection for children. The no-pinch zipper flap, tagless neck, zipper garage around the neck, and flat-lock stitching make wearing the swimwear comfy! SwimZip's material is chlorine resistant too!
Betsy Johnson, SwimZip Founder and family.

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As Seen on the NBC TODAY SHOW
Betsy Johnson (Wanless), Young Entrepreneur of Kansas
Our swimwear protects young children from harmful UV rays and makes stylish UPF protection you can wear anywhere! Mission: SwimZip's mission is to develop stylish, fashionable, and functional sun protective products that allow people to enjoy life in the sun. We design, manufacture, and market a range of quality sun protection products including sun protective clothes, SPF clothing, sun hats, sun protection swimwear, and rash guards. SwimZip is a private company based in Kansas.
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